1978 – THE FLIGHT OF DRAGONS BOOK was Published – A Full Length Animated Film was made based on this Book and Backgrounds and Characters were required to be designed by me. These were sent to the Animators in Japan and eventually made into a100 minute film by Warner Brothers – it has been screened on Terrestrial Television and Satellite TV World Wide also produced as a Video.

1983 – A 15 minute documentary about my life and work was filmed at my Leicester Studio – made by Central TV – Title of programme, Contrasts.

1992 – THROUGH A LOOKING GLASS - The Pictures of Wayne Anderson was published. This was a Retrospective Book featuring the first twenty five years of my work.


British Airways – British Gas – Agfa – BBC Publications – Central Television – Island Records – Icelandic Airlines – Marks and Spencer – J. Walter Thompson – Saatchi and Saatchi – Splash Studios – Sunday Times Magazine – Telegraph Magazine – Time Life Books –Warner Brothers Records –Pearl Assurance – Paul Raymond Publications – Granada Television – Greys Advertising – United Airlines and others - Plus many UK and Foreign Book Publishers.


RATSMAGIC – 1979 - Gold Medal for Best Illustrated Children’s Book – Society of Illustrators – New York

THE MAGIC INKSTAND – 1982 – Award from Leipzig

GNOMES AND GARDENS - 2001– Overall winner of the National Art Library Illustration Awards from The Victoria and Albert Museum

THE TIN FOREST – 2001 – Winner of Borders Original Voices Award USA – for best Picture Book……2002 - Highly Commended Award from the Victoria and Albert Illustration Awards. A video featuring the Tin Forest was produced in the USA and the story was read by the actor Jeff Bridges.

2006 – My work featured in a BBC TV Programme – Inside Out.

2008 - A Retrospective of my work was published by Delpire.


Working on Three commissioned Books - to be published in 2008/09

Working on a speculative project of my own Book idea, five pictures completed – a total of twelve to complete and then will make a presentation to my Publishers.

The Tin Forest- to be re published with an audio CD

A Puppet Show of the Tin Forest is now in production -


Dragonology - will be produced as a Nintendo DS and a Nintendo Wii

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